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I was privileged to have had Numerology reading done by Mrs Jayshree Baburam. The reading was accurate and detailed. She was able to advise me on many issues and clarify pending decisions and events in my life. She is an excellent spiritual counselor and an amazing person.

- Dr Sujatha Hariparsad
Occupational Medicine Specialist
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Spending the Day Outside

[...] ever since her numerology consult she has been nothing but spot on.  I’ve achieved my biggest goals as she stated. [...] she was so kind enough to even make time to call me [...]. She has always been a shoulder to lean on and always had an open door policy for me.and for that ill always be greatful. ️

- Dr . Lynsha Maharaj

I was always skeptical of doing readings, esp Numerology and when I spoke to her, I was immediately drawn to her magnetic energy. Jayshree Ji is so thorough and gives off her best. I admire that she responds always immediately and is accurate at her readings.

[...] Her reading gave me a thorough understanding of my circumstances. I rely on her guidance to help me get through some of my hardest times. As a fellow Pisces, I am grateful that she entered my life. [...] She is always providing ways to overcome obstacles and working towards the possibilities to create a better life.

- Sharmaine Govender

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I enjoy the simple yet effective methods you've shared with us. I'm able to apply your methods daily and whenever energies are heavy.

As always, I appreciate your guidance and accessibility. You are always willing to assist and ready to share different techniques, when you feel necessary. I enjoy your gentle nature of conveying your messages.

Your positive messages and sharing of your life journey helps me to keep the faith. You've also restored my faith in humanity as there are very few people who selflessly help others.

- Anonymous

[...] Through your guidance and motivation, I am learning to be positive and to find and love myself and to ward of negativity and pessimistic thoughts. I feel more focused on my goals in my life and relationships.


Of course there are days when the struggle is real and I find myself regressing but your constant messages and motivation reminds me to keep going.


Thank you so much and I really appreciate having you in my life.

- Anonymous

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