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Our 100% authentic products come with Certification.  Shop confidently with Divine Spiritual Services!

What is Rudraksha?

A Mystical , Enchanting and Attractive Bead, Rudraksha literally means having “Tears of Lord Shiva”. “Rudra” transformed to Lord Shiva with “Aksha” denoting the Eye.
The Shrimad Devi Bhagwat says that one is benefited by simply looking at or touching a Rudraksha.

Why Rudraksha?

  • Any mantra chanted on Rudraksha Mala gives unlimited benefits.

  • People who wear Rudraksha at time of death will definitely go to Heaven.

  • More beneficial when mantra is recited with it, but not necessary.


The power or Shakti of Rudraksha is a consolidation of power from:

  • Divine characteristics through blessings of various Gods & Godesses.

  • Different Mukhi Rudraksha have different effects on humans and one can wear all types of Rudraksha either individually or collectively.

Authenticity of Rudrakshas

  • Divine Spiritual Services sources the best quality  Rudrakshas from Nepal.

  • Jayshreeji purchases Rudrakshas with Certification.

  • All Rudrakshas sold including Japa Mala’s are Energized & Blessed.

  • You will receive a personalized mantra with their Rudraksha Purchase also.

  • Be rest assured that you will receive Authentic, Effective Rudrakshas from Divine Spiritual Services.


  • Available in different sizes

  • Available from 1 mukhi to 16 mukhi only

  • Sourced from Nepal & Indonesia only

  • Helps with cleansing negative karma

“Om Namah Shivaya”
- Jayshreeji

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Nepalese Rudraksha Tree

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1. How long does it take to feel some Effects?

  • Certain effects are felt almost immediately, like clarity of mind, peace and Tranquillity.

  • Normally within 45 days, you can start feeling major positive changes. Thereafter it will work continuously giving benefits.

2. What is the Life-Span of Rudraksha?

  • If well taken care of , thousands of years.

  • You may pass it on in your family.

3. Can Anyone wear Rudraksha?

  • Yes, everyone irrespective of gender, age, culture, ethnicity or religious background.

4. When do you remove the Rudraksha?

  • At night before sleep (wear it again in the morning after a shower/bath).

5. What kind of power does Rudraksha have?

  • Rudraksha gives good effects to each and every person who wears it.

6. How do you take care of Rudrakshas to ensure it stays in good condition & lasts long?

  • Rudrakshas must be cleaned & oiled weekly and kept in its pouch when not in use.

  • A Cleaning kit can be purchased with the Rudraksha bracelet or Pendant.

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