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from our Club Members

[...] it is benefiting me in a huge way as it helps me stay focus on healing myself and the wantingness of Peace of mind, which I definitely need during this life journey I am presently go through. Thank you so very much for all the Caringness, Help and Amazing Support.

- Anonymous


I enjoy the simple yet effective methods you've shared with us. I'm able to apply your methods daily and whenever energies are heavy.

As always, I appreciate your guidance and accessibility. You are always willing to assist and ready to share different techniques, when you feel necessary. I enjoy your gentle nature of conveying your messages.

Your positive messages and sharing of your life journey helps me to keep the faith. You've also restored my faith in humanity as there are very few people who selflessly help others.

- Anonymous

[...] thank you for supporting, motivating, teaching, guiding us on this group with your precious time and knowledge. [...] I am healing slowly. First time in 32 years I felt happy and peaceful and this happened in my birthday.

- Anonymous

Support Group

Nowadays, it's so hard to trust anyone, friends and family will sadly let you down. As you mentioned, we cannot move on if we do not unload and clear the emotional baggage.

I appreciate your open mindedness to all religion, race, caste and creed.

I appreciate that The Almighty has chosen you as a vessel and you have chosen us as your channels to give back.

We are all blessed, even if the year was bad, we have pain, grief and mental clouds.


From my experience, being afraid to open up and now that I've unpacked, I feel the waves of change.

- Anonymous

I don’t really know aunty Jayshree for a very long time, but from the first time I spoke to her she immediately made me feel comfortable and as if I can confide in her, she offered me amazing advice. She is a wonderful person who really puts in effort in her clients, and is always there when you need her.


Thank you for being you aunty Jayshree. We really appreciate you. And this healing program is phenomenal, It’s incredibly helpful and I think it was wonderful for aunty Jayshree to give back and offer her exceptional talents to us!

- Anonymous

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