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Therapy Session

Premium Services

Jayshreeji offers 1:1 counselling sessions, where she will assist in resolving emotional issues and clarify any confusion that you encounter in life.

Explore our Medical Intuitive Energy Healing service, Vedic Numerology Report service and more below!

Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

We often feel unbalanced, or feel tired/bothered by negativity, since negative energy is always around us.


Through an energy healing session, negative energy cords are removed, and colour balancing is done.  Jayshreeji scans the energetic field, and addresses emotional issues linked to physical illnesses.  This way, you can feel balanced, peaceful & de-stressed after the session.

If you need any messages from deceased or curious about recurring patterns in your life, past life check can be incorporated into the healing session as well. 

Medical Intuitive Energy Healing is excellent to keep your energy positive, balanced and protected. 

This service is offered via Phone/Video Call, or Zoom.

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Vedic Numerology Consultation/Report

Looking for clarity regarding your life purpose? Vedic Numerology Reports are perfect for identifying relationships between you and your inner-self, as well as people around you.


Accompanied with Mantra solutions, the report may also highlight any life challenges that may be ahead of you, as well as solutions around them. 


Along with an understanding of your personal traits, the Vedic Numerology Report will help you identify a path toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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Devi/Buddha Prayer Requests

Looking for reassurance, or spiritual intervention, in specific areas of your life? Jayshreeji is available to deliver your prayer to Devi/Buddha through her mass prayer.


What our clients say:

Dr. Sujatha Hariparsad
Occupational Medicine Specialist
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I was privileged to have had Numerology reading done by Mrs Jayshree Baburam. The reading was accurate and detailed. She was able to advise me on many issues and clarify pending decisions and events in my life. She is an excellent spiritual counselor and an amazing person.


I have had two focused Energy Healing sessions with Jayshree Ji where she was the medium between the archangels and myself [...] the archangels directed healing through the affected body parts / organs and I could feel the difference in the session itself.

Jayshree Ji further advised on what I needed to do post the sessions and there is noted improvement in the way that i feel thereafter, both mentally and physically.

Jayshree Ji further provided counselling to assist with other aspects of my life, for a long running personal issues which impacted my physical and mental health, advise was simplistic, easy to comprehend and most importantly, easy to implement.

Deveshinee Maharaj,
Durban South Africa

Jayshree Baburam is truly an expert in the field of Numerology! I was amazed at how accurate she
was with the readings for myself and that of my two sons. Jayshree provided information that was
very intuitive and extremely helpful. Everything was explained to us in detail and with the terminology
that we could understand. We have been following the instructions that Jayshree has given us and
we are seeing immense success in our life.

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