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Divine Buddha & Devi Sanghaa

As a member of the Sanghaa, you will live a better life and fulfill your desires through mantra meditation, daily positive advice with Buddhavaccna, and much more!

Email to join today - it's free to join!

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What our members say:

... the content of the program has been relevant and beneficial. I found it easy to follow. Internally I am more at peace and acceptance of my life and circumstances. Jayshree has been phenomenal. Her dedication and devotion to helping unconditionally is appreciated. 

The free healing program was a surprise and I instantly knew she was in the right place. […] she (Jayshree) assisted me even tho i was out of country n unable to pay her. So I just want to say that she is an amazing individual who goes out of her way to assist people […] She has impacted my life already and I truly already feel such a shift internally.

I was intrigued and started a new journey with you becoming a part of it. My life's turning point was last year […] your caring advice helped me overcome a stumbling block that devastated me, Past demons don't go away, as you say something will always trigger it. I think of your words, your invisible hand on my shoulder through your words of advice, so thank you for being in my life.

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