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Dr. Edwards Ndovi

MbChB (UK), MRCGP(UK), FRCP(London, UK),

FRCP(C), FACP (Specialist Internal Medicine,

Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine

University of Alberta, Canada

I have personally known and worked with Jayshree for many years. […] She has been a pillar of strength to countless clientele around the world. She is exceptionally skilled at the services she offers to her many devoted clients.


The Free Clubs offer Spiritual and general emotional support to its clients.  Jayshree is a kind, generous person and she is filled with empathy for others.  She has deep knowledge in her delivery of services. She is very focused, puts

everyone at ease. She also has a great sense of humor. She has such a unique skill set that she has served people from all walks of life and from different cultural, economic and educational levels.


She is highly recommended. You will be thankful that you sought her services.


I would like to recommend Mrs Jayshree Baburam. She has a warm demeanor and a professional etiquette. Known to be a patient listener, compassionate, and empathic; Mrs Baburam will no doubt deliver caring counsel. I am certain that with the valuable and wholistic qualities of an understanding character, spirituality, and commitment to excellence she will deliver a worthwhile interaction and be of great assistance.

- Dr Sudhir Dookiee, MBChB (UKZN), FC Neurosurg (SA), MMed (Neurosurgery)

... (Jayshreeji) was correctly able to identify the energetic blocks inside me, chakras that I was aware of having stored pain and trauma but being unable to get to the root of the problem and heal it myself. The session was unique and the healing was aided by 9 Archangels, a few of whom I personally believe in and was truly moved by the experience. [...] I could sense the wave of energy through me and knew instinctively that now everything would be alright and I did not have to live in fear or hardship anymore. I may be tired from the session but my inner world feels alive and peaceful!

- Miss. K .Naidoo, South Africa

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Yoga at Home

Thank u so much dear sister for this journey with u ..2020 taught us many things...its shown me the Almighty is always in control and my faith and devotion helped me thru covid situation 2date...Jji ur love and guidance has been inspirational...I cherish and truly appreciate u.

- Annonymous

[...] You have been an inspiration. I am truly grateful. I wish you good health, safety and abundant blessings. [...] Further wishes to the Di free club management. Thank you for the sterling job done. To the members you are divine spiritual beings, you are special. Thank you all for being on this journey. Peace & blessings. 

- Annonymous

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